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All you need to know about Infinite roses

Many people have asked what are Infinite roses and what is the difference between them and dried or fresh flowers. First of all, lets make it clear with the terminology: infinite roses (also called long life roses, long lasting roses, eternity roses, preserved roses etc) are 100% natural flowers that undergone a special process to keep their natural shape and fresh appearance for longer time.


There are several methods of flower preservation, such as freeze-drying, drying and Vermont. Here is the difference:


Dried flowers are basically fresh flowers that opened in a vase, and before they died completely we decide to keep them turning them upside down and keeping them in the dark. They rarely ressemble of what we received as fresh, but at least is something.


Freeze drying flowers uses a process called lyophilization to lower the temperature of the flowers to below freezing, and then a high-pressure vacuum is applied to extract the water in the form of vapour. The disadvantage of this process is that the final product is very fragile.

Vermont flowers are also dried, but in a more professional way. Vermont process was first discovered in France and patented in 1998. The growers leave the flowers in the plant until they are open to their best shape and optimal development. Flowers are then cut and placed in a solution of alcohol, glycerin and colorants, which within 3-4 days  will be absorbed by the stem and petals. This process will replace the water and keep the shape and texture of the fresh flower.  This results in a superb product which feels just like a freshly-plucked rose, looks completely natural but also last for much longer than a year!

See for yourself...

Dried flowers

We like that... 

  • We saw the flowers fresh
  • they are brittle
  • colors fade and turn brown
  • look rustic and old 
  • will disintegrate with time





Preserved flowers

We LOVE ...

  • Fresh appearance
  • Soft and flexible
  • Bright colours
  • Longlasting
  • Real flowers
  • No maintenance, no water needed!
  • they are not waterproof
  • will fade under sunlight



    Blossom Flower Company uses only the best quality roses preserved by Vermont technology. So, next time you think of keeping your flowers longer, think about preserved roses. 

    ​You won't be disappointed!




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