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What are preserved roses?

For our arrangements from the BLOSSOM Infinity Collection, we use natural  roses that are conserved by French technology Vermont, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the flowers up to 1 year.

The flowers are cut by experienced professionals in their most beautiful period of blooming and after that the natural liquids of the flowers are replaced by a secret solution that consists of glycerin and essential oils, which is 100% ecological. In addition, color pigments may be added to enable a wide range of colors to complement the naturally occurring nuances with many other shades.

Each arrangement is made individually and by hand. Our trained experts ensure through strict controls that both the roses and the French-inspired hat boxes meet our high quality standards. Subsequently, every arrangement is packed with the utmost care of our employees to ensure a safe transportation.


Care instructions

In order to maintain the durability and quality of the roses, we have following notes for you:

• The roses are placed in the box so that they cannot fall out. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to treat the arrangement carefully and not tilt or throw it. Please do not try to pull the roses out from the box.

• Please DO NOT water the roses, otherwise they will be damaged.

• Frequent touching should be avoided due to the moisture of the skin surface, as it may spread to the flowers, causing the roses to lose their shape and color.

• Please avoid direct sunlight on the roses to prevent color fading.

• Ideally, store the arrangement at room temperature in a shady place.

• Sometimes color pigments of roses can dye other objects. Place the arrangement in such a way that it does not come into contact with sensitive substances such as clothing, curtains or other textiles.

• Please do not place other obgects on the flowers

• To dust the roses, use gently cold hair dryer or a soft brush.


We stand behind our quality and provide a guarantee for Infinity Collection for 3 months from the purchase date. If the flowers had proper care and had no mechanical damage, but fall out from the box, lost color or stained, we will replace them free of charge.


If your flowers were damaged for some reason (pets, children, humidity, sunlight etc.), we can restore the arrangement for additional fee. Please call us or contact via e-mail for more details.


Receiving defective product can be the only reason of return. The photo of the product has to be sent within 24 hours of receiving flowers to our email info@blossom-israel.co.il. The product will be replaced for the same one only when we receive the original arrangement, no money returns are available. We do not change color of the flowers or box once the arrangement was sold.

Are Infinity flowers harmful/toxic?

No, they are ecological and safe for your health. Unless you don’t eat them:) The main substances used for preservation are alcohol, glycerin and colorants.



    Natural fresh flowers that have a life time from 3 to 7 days.


    • Our fresh arrangements come with water and flower food. However you need to add  water daily (30-50 ml) in the middle of the box to prolong the life of the flowers up to 3-7 days. 
    • Keep the Arrangement in a room-temperature environment: not too cold or too hot and avoid direct sunlight. 
    • Be mindful when carrying the arrangement. Do not hold the box by the ribbon - the uneven weight may cause the arrangement to flip over. 
    • After the flowers have deceased, you can carefully remove them from the box, which you then can reuse for decorative purposes or for storage.


      We do not accept returns for fresh flower boxes. Please keep in mind that fresh flowers are perishable and have the life of their own. The duration of the flower arrangement highly depends on the temperature, moisture and light. It is the responsibility of the recipient to provide proper care.



      We wish you lots of enjoyment with your flower box!

      Your team BLOSSOM