Edith Gold - White Mix

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Classic mirror vase of everlasting roses! Elegant interior accent for your apartment or office. It looks wonderful on the dining table and in the living room. Natural roses that soft on touch and smell like heaven but last up to a year! 

Vase size: 30x30 cm

Number of roses: 49

Lifetime: over 1 year

Product details:

Infinity roses are natural flowers that came through preservation process to keep their beauty and natural shape. Preservation is a form of drying, however it is much more sophisticated. The flowers are dehydrated in alcohol and filled with a solution of glycerin and natural fragrant oils. As the result, they remain completely natural appearance and feel, as if they were freshly-cut flowers!

Timeless and elegant gift that won't be forgotten. It will accomplish any interior, office or home.

Maintenance free, these flowers require no water or sunlight.

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